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Ngāi Tahu Seafood Fishing Scholarships

Guidelines for Ngāi Tahu Seafood Fishing Scholarships:

  • The application form must be filled in and fully complete (including all additional information such as references, passport photo etc) at least a month prior to the course being attended to allow for processing of the application.
  • The applicant must whakapapa to Ngāi Tahu and preferably be a registered member.
  • To achieve a full scholarship, the applicant must be working on a vessel that supplies Ngāi Tahu Seafood or one of its ACE partners. Part scholarships may be made available to Ngāi Tahu fishers who are not on vessels supplying Ngāi Tahu Seafood or its ACE partners.
  • Scholarship applications will be reviewed and approved by a committee. The amount of the scholarship awarded will depend on the course fees, location and any other relevant criteria. Applicants will be informed of the decision in writing or via email by the committee within three weeks of the fully completed application being received.
  • The applicant must have the written support of his/her kaumātua/Rūnanga or other Māori organisation in the form of a reference.
  • One other character / personal reference must be supplied.
  • Any funding approved will only be paid to the applicant on the successful completion of the course being funded and requires proof of passing the course. The funding will be paid into the recipients bank account by direct credit.
  • Approval is not automatic – it will depend on available funds, the number of applications at any point in time and any other criteria that the selection committee decides.
  • An applicant is limited to one fishing scholarship (whether part or full) per year and no more than two in any five year period.
  • The maximum amount of a full scholarship will be $2500.

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